Suggestions for a Smooth Loan Process

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To assist you in buying a home, follow these suggestions for a smooth loan process:

• 3-12 Months Before You Are Ready To Buy
Complete required Homebuyer Education

• 2-3 Months Before You Are Ready To Start Looking
Contact me - your trusted real estate professional
Pick a lender and get pre-approved
Pay down balances on revolving debt (credit cards)
Don’t open any new credit – limit inquires

• When You Are Viewing Homes
Review with Lender all loan options
- 1st time buyer programs
- Conventional vs FHA vs VA
- Monthly MI vs No MI options etc.
Know the dates, addresses and contact numbers for ALL employment for the last TWO years
Be ready to provide W-2s, tax returns, paystubs and bank statements

• When You Are Ready To Make An Offer
Ask Lender to run a detailed loan estimate
- Know the exact closing costs so you know how much to ask for in seller help
- Know the exact payment so there are no surprises if contract is accepted
- Know exactly how much money you will need and be able to document that amount
Ask your Lender for a realistic timeframe for settlement

• Once You Are Under Contract
Pick a title company right away
Start shopping for homeowners insurance
Provide any additional documentation requested by the Lender as soon as possible

If you are in need of a lender to start your process, please let me know. I have a list of lenders that would love to assist you.